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Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets

Andy Pedisich  February 25 2008 07:32:00 AM
I don't imagine that there are too many that get the gist of the subject of this entry.  It's from a song in the musical "Damn Yankees", where Lola indeed did get what she wanted.

In this case a client had a odd requirement.  They wanted to put people into the Domino directory who were not configured to be part of the email experience.  They were in the address book just so other users should be able to look up their phone numbers.  The people in charge wanted them synched with their smartphones.

This all happened before I arrived, and was a fait accompli'.  To make matters more interesting, it was an Exchange shop that had been brought over to Notes.  I am always more willing to bend in those situations because I want those Exchange users to be happy.

But it was wrong on a couple of levels, the worst of which was that users could send email to someone who wasn't there.  The outgoing message would not NDR, it would just go dead, and the sender would never know that their treasured joke or picture of their child or meeting reminder had never made it to that person on the factory floor with no email account.

I decided that it would be better to bend in the wind than to stand and fight. I configured an email file with an agent that triggered when new mail arrives.  It sends a pleasant message to the sender saying the person doesn't have an email account on the system and to please contact the individual by phone or in person.  Imagine. You have to talk a person over the phone or perhaps even see what they're wearing.  Then I assigned that email file to everyone who has a phone entry but no mail.

There are probably better ways to handle it, but this made everyone happy.

- Andy


1Turtle  2/25/2008 11:11:47 AM  Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets

Seems to me that in the older days, you could set up a secondary address book that could be used to sync phone numbers and stuff to people's phones but which would NOT be used in the mail.nsf for mail lookups. Your solution works fine, though.

2Victor Toal  2/25/2008 2:37:16 PM  Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets

My question is - if the account is set up with NO MAIL in the directory,. you can't send mail to it in the first place .... so why jump through loops?

3Andy Pedisich  2/25/2008 4:59:03 PM  Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets

@Turtle - Yeah, the whole story was something along the lines of, "We did this with Exchange. Can we do it with Notes?" I know that Notes is so much more flexible than Outlook, so it was really easier to say that we can and did. They really like the custom message too. I think eventually I will end up pulling the user's phone number out of the book and delivering that in the NDR.

4Andy Pedisich  2/25/2008 5:01:28 PM  Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets

@Victor - Actually, I just created a person document for a person called No Mail with no mail system specified. Notes let me send a message to it and now it languishes in the mail.box as held mail complaining that "Recipient's Domino Directory entry does not specify a valid Notes mail file". I'd never know the message was held.

- Andy