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What a spectacular Admin2008 kind of day

Andy Pedisich  April 30 2008 09:32:26 PM
Buzzz buzzz buzzzz.   Up early.  Breakfast with champions.  Hit the first presentation on the Notes R8 client to a pretty packed room.  Followed by another roomful to hear about the server changes and the new ODS.

If you don't know what ODS is, please follow this link.

Finally a session on doing wild things with Domino stats and how the STATREP.NTF doesn't really provide an administrator with anything useful, unfortunately.  Should I expound on that?  Probably.  But not tonight.

Oh, not finally, really.  Then there was "Ask the Experts", or as we sometimes call it, "Beat the Geeks", during which attendees get to interact face-to-face with presenters.  There is nothing quite like hearing about real-world issues, some that you can deal with and some that seemed quite impossible.  Chris Miller and I fielded questions at the same table.  It was more like lateral heaves than fielding.

At this point all I wanted was to eat and go fetal.

Desire #1 was accomplished at a hole in the wall joint that closed right after we walked into it. Men Tei Japanese Noodle Cafe. 66 Hereford St Boston, MA. Cheap, fast, and delicious.  Then, back to the room, skipping all other parties and goings-on.

I mentioned to the attendees in the jumpstart yesterday that their minds will be broken by the time this is over on Friday.   Probably be just as true for me.

Wow!  I just realized that today's experience was just like social networking, but without the wire, electricity, LCD screens, and passwords and stuff.

- Andy
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