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Weekend work: Presentations for the upgrade tour and Admin 2008

Andy Pedisich  February 23 2008 10:30:00 PM
It's hard to focus on due dates when they are far away.  Now that they are in my face they are too close for  comfort.

I spend this afternoon updating my initial presentation for The View's Notes/Domino 8 Upgrade tour.  It's the one about all of the cool client and Domino Web Access features in Notes 8, updated for Release 8.0.1.  That means I get to rave about Widgets!

Soon I will start the big presentation, the jumpstart for Admin 2008 that will cover Domino Domain Monitoring from start to finish.  I am actually looking forward to this one since I have yet to see a shop that even vaguely is coming close to even thinking about getting value from DDM.

And yet I get the same question all the time.  Where can I go to easily find out what's going on in the domain?  How can I get all the issues in one centralized location?  Duh.  DDM of course.

Meanwhile, I think I may be working too many hours.  This generally happens over the winter months when there isn't much to do outside.  It's a form of cabin fever, actually.  It makes the mind do crazy things.

Last Monday I had this dream and I woke up in panic.  The last thing that I remembered in the dream was a message popping up on a screen that said:

Field is too large or View's column & selection formulas are too large.

Spooky.  Must be doing too much Lotusscript.

Then there was that dream where I was with a bunch of people that I didn't know, and was telling them a story and forgot some of the details, and someone in the crowd reminded me of what had happened!  How does that work???  You can't remember something in your own dream and then someone in your own dream remembers if for you???  Crazy!

Then on Thursday morning I had a dream where in the dream itself I woke up.  Right.  I was in the dream and dreaming that I was waking up.  I hate those.  You don't know what the heck is happening.  And as I was waking up I found that I was standing up and looking down on my laptop, which was closed.  Then I realized that I was actually standing at a podium.   And I looked out and saw an audience of about 60 people looking at me intently, but with quizzical looks on their faces.  It was then that I realized that I had fallen asleep while giving a presentation!!!  Holy crap!  I woke up for real and couldn't shake it off for about an hour.

At least I don't have those dreams anymore where your teeth fall out, or where you realize that you have someone else's legs, so you swap with them to correct the situation.  I used to get really uncomfortable having dreams like that.

Anyway, I will continue with the presentations tomorrow.  Maybe I will catch up on some programming too.  Maybe not.

- Andy


1francie  2/24/2008 12:17:10 AM  Weekend work: Presentations for the upgrade tour and Admin 2008

" I think I may be working too many hours"......


You "think" you are???

2Victor Toal  2/24/2008 9:59:10 PM  Weekend work: Presentations for the upgrade tour and Admin 2008

ha! It's the old age talking from the man ... too much work? Andy? you are talking crazy, man! andy NEVER works too much, he even admits it himself ... he is the lazy administrator ....

A stiff drink, a long nap, a movie with the wife - then get you ass back to work, the admins out there need your lectures!