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Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

Andy Pedisich  April 2 2008 08:26:21 PM
It was a packed house of tremendously energetic people.  No sleepers.

Met an admin running 8,000 users on a pair of AS400s.  3 Domino partitions on one and 5 on the other. No transaction logs.  Told me there was a crash one day with 4,000 concurrent users up and running.  Guess how long fixup took to run.

23 minutes.  Those are some heavy duty servers!  This person wants to upgrade one half of the server environment on Friday night.  Then, if it goes well, do the other server on Saturday.  I spent a long time trying to figure out a less risky way for them to do it, but this admin insisted that they had done it that way before and it worked well.

Worst part for this company was that there are 4,000 Citrix users and the Notes Standard client isn't supported.  That's going to push back the upgrade until 8.5 for them.  This was news to me and I promised I'd ask out loud about it.

Other random things about the Copenhagen Upgrade tour.
  • Many attendees are on both Facebook and Linkedin.
  • About a third weren't aware of what an RSS feed was all about.  Now they know!
  • Almost all did not use Domino Domain Monitoring but wanted to check it out after being shown its capabilities.
  • None of them wanted to roll out mail recall at all and were happy to see that the Recall Mail button will disappear if you configure a mail policy settings document.
    (I'd think I'd like to roll out mail recall if it's set to recalling mail no older than 5 minutes.  That way I could recall mail if I stupidly forget to add the attachment.)
  • About 90% of the admins in the room had been Notes administrators for over 5 years
  • There is delicious herring in Copenhagen.
Boy, am I tired.  18 hours from the time I woke up in Copenhagen until the time I walked into the house tonight.

- Andy


1Fred Janssen  4/3/2008 2:24:59 AM  Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

> Worst part for this company was that there are 4,000 Citrix users and the Notes Standard client isn't supported.

I am confused, according to this KB article Citrix is supported:

{ http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21292162 }


2Sven Meirte  4/3/2008 4:56:02 AM  Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

Hi Andy,

I attended the seminar and I must say a learned A LOT! Some things I already found out myself but I saw a lot of things that I didn't know.

Thanks for a great seminar.


3Julian Robichaux  4/3/2008 8:05:09 AM  Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

The other relevant link for Citrix and Notes 8.0.1 Standard is this one:

{ http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21295009 }

Only 14 concurrent users. In theory you could get more on a 64-bit Citrix box with more memory. Not sure if anyone's tried.

4Andy Pedisich  4/4/2008 10:55:18 AM  Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

Thanks, Sven. It was our pleasure.

- Andy

5Andy Pedisich  4/4/2008 10:56:01 AM  Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

Yes, I do recall now that it was the 14 user limit that irked the attendee.

At first they misunderstood the Lotus speaker at a meeting they attended about Citrix support and thought they heard "40". Then they realized that what they heard was actually "14". This is a real problem with 4,000 Citrix users.

I apologize for saying "no Citrix support". What I should have said was "Citrix support could be a lot better". Citrix usage is not necessarily in huge numbers. But where I have seen it used it is used with intensity.

- Andy

6Joachim Haller  4/4/2008 3:38:58 PM  Upgrade Seminar in Copenhagen is over

Hello Andy and thank you for a splendid seminar !!!

Leaving the room on the third day I felt a bit like a caveman who just had seen daylight for the first time. Mind tumbling with facts and questions, eyes squinting towards the sun and spirits lifted high !!!

Now it's back to to the dungeons. The user Notes user community is now down to 23.000 (I took out 12.000) but then we have another 20.000 Exchange users soon to be migrated i hope if politics allowes...

The Exchange community are quite intense on using Citrix so part of my mission will be to convince them not to but onethin is clear - they will love ND8

...and oh, I had problems to start my motorbike for the ride back home. The key would not crank!!! (can you imagine) So a friendly Tow-mater came in a Danish version named "Jens" and finally managed to hot-wire the bike so we could get it started and I was on my way home.

Your fan