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Social networking is kinda scary sometimes

Andy Pedisich  August 28 2009 08:13:29 PM
I just got back home after driving my youngest 456 miles to a college in the state of Ohio.  Keynon College has to be one of the most beautiful colleges I have ever visited.

Linda and I went to a couple of presentations for parents.  One was all about being safe, housing, food, registering you bike, and other things parents feel more secure knowing about.  While I'm sitting in the audience, I took a pic with the iPhone and sent out a short tweet.  That was around 10 AM.

After lunch, we're sitting on chairs on the lawn in front of one of the buildings waiting for an Convocaton cermony for the new freshmen students.  Seems that Kenyon likes tradition, so they arranged, according to that tradition, to have all the professors and staff to wear their caps and gowns in a presentation to welcome the new students to the college.  I thought that was really interesting.  Our welcome was to be as spectacular as our departure when he graduates.

So we're sitting there waiting for the show to begin and it becomes obvious that there are two couples sitting in front of us who also have origins in Philadelphia.  Linda and I decide to join the conversation and we indicate where we live, and immediately this gentleman says to me, "Hey, did you send a tweet from the parent orientation meeting?"  During said meeting, being slightly bored, he checked twitter and did a search to see if anyone was posting about Kenyon and ran into my tweet.

I don't know about you, but I was pretty amazed.  The gentleman is not following me, he was just doing a search.  You have to wonder how many of those coincidences happen every day.

- Andy


1Eric Mack  8/29/2009 12:34:23 AM  Social networking is kinda scary sometimes

Andy, at a recent graduation, I looked around and noticed that approximately 1/4-1/3 of teh graduates were head-down twittering the event in real time.

Yes, scary.


2Devin Olson  8/29/2009 9:03:33 AM  Social networking is kinda scary sometimes

How do you know he's not a stalker? ;-)

3Mike  9/4/2009 5:21:02 PM  Social networking is kinda scary sometimes

Andy - I'm trying to contact you throught the email on your website ... but it keeps bouncing. Please send me an email. thx