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    The best way to know what to do is to see where you are.

    Andrew M Pedisich  December 3 2007 06:30:39 PM
    My attraction for a server's underlying statistical makeup is more an a passing interest.  It's an obsession that often takes me down unfamiliar straights into totally unknown territory to eventually solve problems.  That's what continues to astound me about technology.  Just as I change to master it, it changes to master me.

    Yesterday I did a three hour session on the fundamentals of capturing and analyzing Domino statistics.  It opened the eyes of several attendees who were reluctant to start monitoring for one reason or another.

    One gentleman, Thomas Bahn, did two things after the session that absolutely amazed me.  His site is Assonos Blog. He blogged about attending Chris Miller's session in the morning and mine in the afternoon.  And then he improved on a concept i mentioned.

    I was talking abut how important it is to make sure that the EVENTS4.NSF was the same replica throughout your domain, and how you could verify this using the catalog, if you used catalogs that were collected centrally.  If you don't have catalogs configured, you must open a copy of the EVENTS4.NSF and make sure the icons stack. I had created an Excel spreadsheet that you could use to create an icon on the toolbar to help you do this.  It was clunky, like most of my code, but it worked.

    Thomas wrote code that is so elegant, and so much easier than my method.  It's around 6 lines of simple formula language code.  When you create the button and click it, you are prompted to select the servers from which you wish to add the database.

    Image:The best way to know what to do is to see where you are.

    Then you are prompted for the name of the file you wish to open.

    Image:The best way to know what to do is to see where you are.

    That's it.  You're done.  No muss, no fuss.  Everyone should thank Thomas for this marvelous and useful tip.

    As with all tips and tricks you learn from others, be sure to use this for good and not for evil!  Give credit to Thomas Bahn.

    - Andy

    PS - I continue to add pictures of Barcelona and the conference to Flickr.

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