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System maintenance tasks every site should run

Andy Pedisich  June 4 2008 08:00:00 AM
Got a response to my last post about the steps to upgrade from Dan Soares, who asks:

For the benefit of the new admins who read your blog would you elaborate on what "system maintenance tasks" need to be done on a Domino server on a regular basis?

I'd be happy to.  I'm not going into gory detail though. There's a technote I'm going to point you to that will give the best details I have seen.

Just like people, databases on your Domino servers are kept healthier if you massage them every now and then.  The massaging does things like fixing corruption, removing deletion stubs, and rebuilding views. The two principal maintenance programs you need to run are Updall and Compact.  Notice I did not say Fixup.

Before anyone gets confused, your server runs a task called Update all the time.  It's the Indexer.

Update and Updall are two different things.  Update is a server task loaded in the ServerTasks= parameter while Updall is run as needed and is scheduled every night at 2:00 AM.  It runs automatically, provided you don't remove it, of course, as I have seen some shops do.  I don't know why they remove it, but they do.

Updall refreshes and rebuilds views and full text indexes.  It also purges deletion stubs and discards indexes that haven't been used for 45 days.  I'm skipping plenty of details here.

When documents are deleted from a database, they leave holes, or white space in the database.  Domino can re-use most of this space, but it can get hard for Domino to find spots to put things.  So we use the compact task to squeeze out the white space, or to put all of the white space together at the end of the file.

Administrators should run some form of the compact task every week on all databases on every server.  This is generally done using program documents.  Consult your Admin help for the parameters you should use.  They are different depending on whether or not you use transaction logging.

You don't need to run compact every night, and you don't need to compact the mail.boxes.  They are automatically compacted every morning at 4:00 AM.

You don't need to run Fixup as a scheduled task.  That's only for emergencies, like when your CEO's mail file gets corrupted and you want to be a hero.

The best Technote I have read about these maintenance tasks is this one called Administrator Guide for Domino Server maintenance.  It will tell you about every nook and cranny in Fixup, Updall and Compact.  You can savor the details and then decide what's best for your domain.

- Andy

1Joachim Haller  6/4/2008 9:35:02 AM  System maintenance tasks every site should run

If you are in a multi server hub-and-spoke environment it's a good idea to load more replicators on the hub

...but I guess most important of all is to be consistent! Make up you mind and then have it that way accross the domain and your "tomorow morning" will be much more comfortable.


2Dan Soares  6/4/2008 2:45:04 PM  System maintenance tasks every site should run

Thanks Andy for that detailed response. We do run Updall and Compact on our server.

I will read that technote you pointed out.