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Smart Upgrade, the OEM Tuner for Lotus Notes, and a real-life upgrade story

Andy Pedisich  September 4 2008 10:48:06 AM
I got a phone call from the head Notes Admin at a client last week. This guy is a real professional with a great sense of humor who likes to manage his domain with the least amount of disruption for users.  He was laughing at a recent post where I was bemoaning how long it takes to get upgrades off the ground.  

Here's why he was so amused.  It was around noon on the day after 8.0.2 came out and he had already downloaded the Notes kits and was busy creating an install package with the OEM Tuner for Lotus Notes.  He's using SmartUpgrade to deliver the packages to users.

This morning I started to see a bunch of messages about people being upgraded.  Seems he dropped one of the big departments into the Smart Upgrade machine yesterday afternoon and this morning they are all humming along.  I'm getting almost constant notifications on who is getting upgraded.

That's a little over a week from download to delivery.  He says he has received a couple of emails with issues, but that it's been pretty quiet all things considered.

Some users are getting a point upgrade from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2.  But most are getting upgraded from R6 and R7.

People have all sorts of opinions about the upgrade process.  I just wanted to share this tidbit to give you something to think about.

- Andy

1Chris Miller  9/4/2008 6:34:15 PM  Smart Upgrade, the OEM Tuner for Lotus Notes, and a real-life upgrade story

Andy just likes to make up stories to impress himself. We know no none ever uses SmartUpgrade right?