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Scary NAB rumor put to death

Andy Pedisich  June 2 2008 04:52:09 PM
We new have it on the good authority (of Susan Bulloch) that a technote was being misinterpreted somewhere.  Susan commented on my last post.  The scary NAB rumor is simply not true.  This is good news and I apologize for being reactionary.  Thank you for being the calming influence.

To recap: It's OK to run a 6.5.4 server with an R8 NAB design.  

It's still not OK:
  • To put beans in your nose
  • To shave a cat
  • To punch your laptop, no matter how bad it's been
  • To fall asleep in one of my seminars
  • To pretend you like a product at Lotusphere just to score the booth swag
          (actually, this is a sport and it is totally OK)

All of this proves an important fact.  Never trust your clients.  They always get it wrong.  They are almost worse than users.  I'm sure Paul Mooney will agree with me on that one.

- Andy

1Nelson Morris  6/3/2008 6:28:13 AM  Scary NAB rumor put to death

Good news, now, if some clarity on having to do Compact -C on terabytes of data before the upgrade will help. i.e. Will this mitigate issues that will definitely arise, or might arise. Fixing up a mail db or two after the fact is preferably from trying to justify taking a server offline for several days.

2Michael Sch├Ądle  6/3/2008 7:47:31 AM  Scary NAB rumor put to death

Andy - just to make sure you have your facts right on this one - it was actually IBM support that misinterpreted their own technote and advising their client (i.e. us) wrongly in this case.

So your "important fact" you derive from the fact that you did not have your facts straight in the first place..... pointless...... (did not want to use any stronger words on a public forum)