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Problems in Beijing continue

Andy Pedisich  March 6 2008 07:15:37 AM
Well, apparently Beijing got their Notes system fixed.  It was some kind of LDAP issue.
Image:Problems in Beijing continue
Image:Problems in Beijing continue
about my mail address

hi andy
thanks your letter .
we closed that problem that can't find the name in the ladp .
yesterday ,IBM 's engineer came here ,he change the server's config ,in message-set(消息设置) -->base (基本选项卡),he changed address lookup 's value as "add depart address before all name ".
erenow ,I write an agent to change internet name of every user 's doc ,and it's can clear this trouble form this way .
thanks again for you.

发件人: Andrew M Pedisich
发送时间: 2008-03-05 11:49:33
收件人: 尹克浩
主题: Re: about my mail address

Hello Yin.
I am happy that your problem is fixed.
Perhaps we will meet someday.

And then this morning I got this about Domino Web Access.  Anyone know Chinese so I can tell what the error is?

- Andy

Date: 03/06/2008 12:58 AM
Subject: about DWA

I hope all is well on  new day!
today ,We are meet a new trouble .we  used iNotes8,Parts of coustomers met the problem of same when they access from "Domino Web Access".
Underneath of cut diagram is a mistake hint
And if this at the time hint exist,I could not accept new mail to remind .
Image:Problems in Beijing continue
I still have a lot of problems ,may mush bother  you more,I can also toughen my En leve so,haha
thanks,expect your letter.


1Victor Toal  3/6/2008 9:25:52 AM  Problems in Beijing continue


After years of intense study of the esotheric you are so good, you only have to think about a problem for it to be solved ... how epehmeral! We can all just aspire to these new heights of technical expertiese and abilities .... we are in awwwwwwwwwwww!

2Andy Pedisich  3/6/2008 9:25:59 AM  Problems in Beijing continue

You never had the experience where a client has a problem, and then when you show up the problem goes away? That happens to me all the time. I can scare the daylights out of a computer system from several thousand miles away without using a VPN.

- Andy

3Jonathan Griep  3/6/2008 9:37:41 AM  Problems in Beijing continue

This looks to be like a javascript error. It would be good to know what version of the DWA forms file is in use. If they go to { http://mail.laiyifen.com/mail/yinkehao.nsf/inotes/Calendar/?OpenDocument it might surface the calendar without error. Then click on the IBM logo to bring up the About DWA box. } it might surface the calendar without error. Then click on the IBM logo to bring up the About DWA box.

4Jonathan Griep  3/6/2008 9:59:48 AM  Problems in Beijing continue

It looks like the error is an unexpected ')' but I don't know Chinese. If they click on the link in the error dialog it should give additional information as well.