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Posted presentations from Admin/Dev 2012 in DC

Andy Pedisich  May 22 2012 09:06:37 PM
It was nice seeing some old friends and acquaintances at the Admin/Dev conference in DC.  My hearty thanks to all who attended.

I've posted the four presentations I did, along with the STATREP.NTF template I've been harboring for years.  You'll find them by clicking on the Admin 2012 Resources link at the upper right of the page.

Besides the conference, my favorite part about being is DC was touring it with Linda.  We visited her Alma Mater, American University.  She said it looked "smaller" than when she was an undergrad.  

We also visited the National Portrait Gallery, which had a special exhibit on the history of video games. I was reminded of how fast technology fades.  There was a room that held games from the early 8 bit games to today's masterpieces of alternate reality. Linda once won a Coleco version of Pong in a radio station contest.  You could use up to four paddles at once. They had Atari and Intellivision there, as well as the newest World of Warcraft, which I strangely have zero desire to play.

It made me feel like I was a part of Futurama, gazing backwards like that.  They even had a box of DOS 6.0, which was supposed to double the amount of disk space you had.

Boy, you can get the tourists to believe almost anything, can't you?  A few weeks ago I was at an Andrew Bird concert at Union Transfer in Philly and caught a poster advertising a band called "We were promised jetpacks."  That about sums it up for me.  That and the flying cars they used to billboard in Popular Mechanics magazine.  I think they still push the concept.

I once heard someone say that the future belongs to those who can hear it coming. Next thing you know, social networking will be starting to bow out.  What's that? Facebook did an IPO?  How did that go? What did I miss?

Well, I can tell you what's next.  It's summer.  Summer in the mid-Atlantic region is one of the many reasons I enjoy living where I do in Philadelphia.  It's also why I traverse to the shore and to the mountains when the going gets hot, and it's going to be that hot very soon.  Time for fishing.  No, not that kind.  This is with bait, and hooks and lures... oh, nevermind.

See you near water!

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