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Post from Germany - Heidelberg and Mainz - Part 2

Andy Pedisich  September 16 2010 05:16:00 PM
That night we got lost looking for a restaurant and came across some actors doing some promo work for a charity comedy show.  So Linda put her nose on (We always carry clown noses) and made friends. The new clown gave us the directions we needed.

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Linda also picked up a Frommers German/English phrase book. I thought you might be particularly interested in these handy phrases which are actually and really truly in the book.  I am forgoing the German traslations, but here is what we know how to say in German that we learned from this great guide.
1.        You are very attractive.
2.        I like being with you.
3.        I like you.
4.        I want to hold you.
5.        Kiss me.
6.        May I give you ..... A hug... A kiss?
7.        Would you like a back rub?
8.        Let me help you out of that.
9.        Would you help me out of this?
10.        You smell so good!
11.        May I?
12.        OK?
13.        Like this?
14.        How?
15.        Please don't do that.
(Uh oh.  Are things going badly?)

16.        Do you want me to stop?
(Stop does ALWAYS mean stop!)

17.        Let's just be friends.
(Alternately, I like you like a brother/sister)
18.        Do you have anything you should tell me first?
(Better now than later!)
19.        That's it!
20.        That's not it.
21.        Here.
22.        There.
(I am skipping the 8 other ones that are too, too... even for this blog.)

24.        Would you like... a drink, a snack, a shower?
25.        May I stay here tonight?
26.        Would you like me to stay here tonight?
27.        Will you make me breakfast too?
28.        Say... I'll makeYOU breakfast.
Those are all marvelous.
And then there are the harsh realizations....

29.        I'm sorry, I have to go now.
30.        I have to work early.
31.        I'm flying home in the morning.
32.        I have an early flight.
And my all time favorite line you definitely need a translation for:

33.        I think this was a mistake.

Today we drove to Mainz and saw the Gutenberg printing museum.  I have NEVER seen SO many printing presses in one spot.  Plus we saw two priceless Gutenberg bibles.  Then we saw the Mainz DOM which was beautiful and spookey at the same time, with statues and monuments dating back to the 900s.

Tomorrow, we drive to Aachen for a festival and to see where Charlemange is buried.  He was a heck of a ruler.  He was in his 70s when he died and had been a ruler for 47 of them.

That's it for now. Time to catch some sleep for tomorrow's activities.

AdminCamp starts Monday.

- Andy

1francie  9/16/2010 10:13:32 PM  Post from Germany - Heidelberg and Mainz - Part 2

Love your posts, keep em up. And I shall test you on the above 33 German phrases in Copenhagen :)

2Bob Balaban  9/18/2010 6:55:36 AM  Post from Germany - Heidelberg and Mainz - Part 2

"We always carry clown noses"??

3Drea  9/18/2010 10:32:42 PM  Post from Germany - Heidelberg and Mainz - Part 2

Are you sure that guidebook's subtitle isn't "a phrasebook for when you're backpacking around Europe and staying in sketchy hostels"?

Also, I ditto Bob on the clown noses.