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Platform stats were coming in fine, then I upgraded to 8.0.1 - but seems easy to fix

Andy Pedisich  April 14 2008 02:44:25 PM
This isn't terrible or anything, just a little weirdness that I can corroborate on a smallish scale.

I'm nuts for stats.  Just love them.  I even like platform stats collected by Domino.

I upgraded a couple of servers over the weekend.  Today I was checking them out to make sure they were cool, and I noticed that plaftorm stats had stopped working.

Image:Platform stats were coming in fine, then I upgraded to 8.0.1 - but seems easy to fix

Now, don't you go looking for this view in  your basic STATREP.NSF.  You won't find it.  This is part of a statrep that I customize.

In any event, clearly I was getting platform stats, and then I wasn't.  There was no OS change, even though the view says there was.  I chalk this up to a difference in the way 7.0.2 and 8.0.1 are looking at life.  Happened at the client and also in my little Technotics production world, and in my lab.

If you like getting platform stats and this happens to you, it's easy to get them back.  To fix, I went into the executable directory and ran NOTESREG.BAT, specifying the executable directory as a parameter, as in the following:

C:\Lotus\Domino8> Notesreg C:\lotus\domino8

This sets up the registry for proper collection of platform statistics.  I needed a server restart too.

I never had to do this before, but what the heck, there's a first time for everything. Ain't no big thing.

- Andy
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