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Pimping prostitution is easier to explain

Andy Pedisich  April 20 2008 10:15:00 AM
I attended a get together for my 40th High School reunion on Friday night.  The class of 1968 reunion of Seton Hall High School was held in Patchogue, NY, on Long Island.  Linda and I stayed at the house of my good friend Bob and his lovely wife Linda   We've been friends since like 1965.  There is nothing quite like a friendship that goes back that far.

The Friday night thing was really interesting.  For the most part, people had an easier time recognizing me than I did trying to figure out who they were.  Everyone was so gracious.  There were lots of guys from the Varsity football team.  And there were lots of really familiar names, although the faces were hard to attach.

The tough part came when various people asked, "So, what are you doing these days?"  The first two or three that asked this got a real answer, about messaging and collaboration systems, about infrastructures, about doing Lotus Notes seminars.  Eyes rolled up into heads.   "I'm not very technical," was a popular response.

From four on, I decided to say, "I'm into prostitution.  It's very popular, and the tips are big."  "Really?" would be the reply.  "Yeah, I finally found a field that is practical and in-demand.  Plus, it's an entrepreneurial field with big payback and a moderate front-end investment. "

Eventually, I'd end up explaining what messaging and collaboration was all about. But the initial rush I got seeing the look in their eye was totally worth it.

Plus I was wearing my "Witness Protection Program" T-shirt.

Overall, it was a great experience.  I wish we had a reunion ever couple of months.  It was great seeing everyone.  It somewhat reminded me of what it's like to be at a Lotusphere or a View Admin conference where you see people you haven't see in ages.

After the reunion, Bob and I stayed up until 2 doing shots of tequila and yapping about every damn thing under the sun.  There is nothing quite like a 40 year old friendship.

Saturday... Seder at Linda's Sister's house.   Who would plan a high school reunion on the same weekend as the Jewish holidays?  Why, a Catholic High School, that's who!

Sunday... Migrate 700 non-mail users to a Domino address book.  Till the garden.  Plant 50 Canna plants.  Continue a Domino Domain Audit for an East coast college.  Get ready for who-knows-what this week.

It's a great life, ain't it?

Monday...  ugh.

- Andy


1Rob Axelrod  4/21/2008 3:06:54 PM  I remember ’68, it was a great year

There is nothing finer than the high you get off of placenta and amniotic fluid! Then there was that crazy ride down the birth canal woah, talk about a rude awakening.

Those were crazy heady times in '68. I remember once sticking it to "the man" by peeing right in his eye, though he made me pay my dues by sticking me with a sharp pin right in my butt. The kids today have it easy with "velcro closures".

2Andy Pedisich  4/21/2008 3:38:59 PM  re: I remember ’68

Damn hooligans. Keep away from my stash you whippersnapper.