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Adventures in overheating laptopness

Andy Pedisich  December 2 2010 07:18:13 PM
Alice has been hot for the last several months.  I couldn't back her up or she would overheat and shut down.  I couldn't do a video Skype Chat without overheating and shutting down.  It was messy.  

I brought in Dell, and chat support re-flashed my bios, which didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.  However it only helped marginally.  Earlier in the week I was doing a demo of roaming user at a client and the system overheated and shut down again.  I cracked it open and had a look, but still couldn't find the dust balls that I knew must be clogging the heat sink.

This afternoon, enter Tim from Dell.  It only took him 45 minutes to replace a bunch of things on the laptop.  He showed me the location of the clog, which was in the fan assembly.  When he showed me, I just had to giggle, since the area was almost completely inaccessible.  No brush, no blowing, no can of air could have reached the inner recesses of where this dust had made its comfy home.  

It's fixed now, just in time for me to go to Copenhagen next week and do the Roaming User demo at Admin Europe 2010.

When she heard about my predicament, runner and Notes Dev person Kathy Brown sent me to this link about cleaning your fan.

It's true too.


1Sean Cull  12/3/2010 2:32:20 AM  Adventures in overheating laptopness

It happened to me too, I was ripping my hair out for a month before I fixed it

{ http://www.seancull.co.uk/Public/seancull.nsf/dx/fixing-an-overheating-toshiba-m700-.htm }