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Our sessions at Lotusphere 2011

Andy Pedisich  January 26 2011 08:28:09 PM
I'll be heading down to Orlando town on Saturday for Lotusphere 2011.  It will be good to see old friends again.

In the old days, you'd hit The Fear and usually you really had no knowledge of what anyone had been up to since you saw them the previous year.  Now you know every detail, almost every intimate detail, about their lives.  Foursquare tells you where they've shopped and where they are the mayor. You see pictures of from their vacations and pictures of their kids growing up.  Heck you even see pictures of their kids still in the womb!  It's amazing the stuff people share.

Here's what we'll be sharing at Lotusphere on Sunday at 8:00 AM.

Session track Show 'n Tell
Session id SHOW102
Session date 01/30/2011
Session time 08:00am - 10:00am
Session location SW Osprey
Session name Statistics and Events Base Camp: Proactive Monitoring of Your IBM Lotus Domino Servers
Image:Our sessions at Lotusphere 2011Session abstract This session takes you from start to finish into details of setting statistic collection, sever monitoring, event handling, Domino Domain Monitoring, and Activity Logging. We’ll show the Best Practice configuration for a statistic collection infrastructure and turn you on to methods to detect unauthorized changes to ACLs, and real-time monitoring to prevent abuse of “full administrator access privilege. Find out how to get the most out of DDM and who on your staff should use it. Find out how activity logging can save you Gigabytes of disk space by identifying applications that are no longer being used. You'll walk away with new views for STATREP.NSF that let you mine important data hidden in each statistic collection document.

Then on Tuesday we're doing this at 1:30 PM

Session track Track Four: Best Practices
Session id BP110
Session date 02/01/2011
Session time 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Session location SW 1-2
Session name Discovering the Mysterious and Dangerous Secrets of STATREP.NSF
Session abstract Uncover the mysterious, startling, and sometimes deadly secrets inside STATREP.NSF. There are nearly 1,000 statistics in every document. Come to this session and find out how to expose this secret statistical gold mine. Discover how to build new views to track potential issues, and proactively prevent server outages. Find out how to tell if clusters are properly synchronizing and compare “transactions per hour” between servers to make server consolidation easier. Plus, get new STATREP views to export data to a spreadsheet as in incredibly easy analysis tool and to make beautiful usage charts that that are “Monthly Report Ready.” This session will change the way both new and experienced administrators look at Lotus Domino statistics -- forever.

Come join us.  We're not rehearsing for this one.  It will be totally off the cuff.  You'll get the best of our bad, bad brains and get to pump us for answers too.

Be there or be square.

I can do both!

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