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Notes Jobs

Andy Pedisich  April 19 2010 03:30:32 PM
Yeah, I said it.  Notes Jobs.  

No, I didn't say Nose Jobs, although I am slightly dyslexic and it could happen.  And no, I didn't say "Notes is Dead", like some self-serving crack pots. And I didn't say "Notes Dev is Dead", which another admin type DARED me to do because we both thought it would be funny to say just for the effect.  She DOUBLE DOG DARED me to do it, so there, I did it.

So, what is dead?  Well, Salvador Dali for one.  I miss him.  Steven Wright: "I went fishing with Salvador Dali the other day.  He fished with a dotted line."  And I know that the skunk that wanders through my backyard sure in heck isn't dead, although he still smells really awful.

But getting back to Notes jobs, where do you put them? How do you reach the general population of Lotus Notes/Domino professionals, especially those in a particular region, when there might be a job in a particular region

And it has to be free, and it has to be easy without commitment, like my relationships were in college.  Ahhh... too bad my college days are dead. That was a nice chunk of hours of behaving irresponsibly at it's best. Oh, and studying.  Studying, studying studying!

The Lotus User Group web sites, and there are a bunch anymore, should have a special section where a company can post a job opening for an Lotus Notes/Domino engineer, or an administrator, or even a dev person, with relative anonymity so they don't get their doors broken down, but still make contact. I'd volunteer to post them on this blog, but I'm quite sure I don't get the traffic that job searches deserve.

If anyone else know where jobs can be posted, throw in a comment.  And if you're annoyed because of the Notes is Dead references, go have a cup of non-caffeine Juicy Juice (Tm), relax, and smell your fingers.  Life is too short.  And you can never win an argument on the Internet.


1Henning Heinz  4/19/2010 4:32:57 PM  Notes Jobs

Bluewave planned to open a jobsite at { http://blueskills.net/ . Maybe it is already open (I do not not know). There is also a category on PlanetLotus.org and some post their offer directly in the LDD forums. } . Maybe it is already open (I do not not know). There is also a category on PlanetLotus.org and some post their offer directly in the LDD forums.

2Palmi  4/19/2010 4:40:29 PM  Notes Jobs

Andy - why donĀ“t you just put it on your blog so that PL will pick it up. or you can do Dice.com or Monster. just a thought. Keep up the hard work

3Palmi  4/19/2010 4:42:38 PM  Notes Jobs

Forgot this site { http://www.justnotesjobs.com/ }

4Gregg Eldred  4/19/2010 5:39:18 PM  Notes Jobs

LinkedIn Groups seem to be a good place to do this. Free, too. Although you won't get geography specific hits. I'd say, just make sure it is in the description. Another route is to tweet them.

5Keith Taylor  4/20/2010 8:32:35 AM  Notes Jobs

I agree with you Andy. I think this is a big problem with taking on a serious career path with Lotus Notes. I really love the product but when you look around there just doesn't seem to be too many opportunities. Hopefully they just lack aggregation on one site.

6NeilJ Davis  4/20/2010 9:51:07 AM  Notes Jobs

I'd agree with Gregg, Linkedin is where I'd look and then I can get some info on the person posting to validate if it looks like a 'real' role or not. I think you can also pay to post jobs on linkedIn which looks like it does give you the geographic options - not sure how the costs compare with other job sites.

7Keith Brooks  4/20/2010 11:14:53 PM  Notes Jobs

Linkedin is free but only to groups you belong to, justnotesjobs, planetlotus, your blog, other blogs, twitter, craigslist(although I hear they charge now), IM'ing people, email groups, yahoo groups, l-notes, IBM(there is a way for BPs to post and find, ask your rep or PW), lotususergroup.org as well.