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New PUBNAMES.NTFs released by Lotus to help with desktop policy issue

Andy Pedisich  April 14 2008 12:53:00 PM
Lotus has released two new PUBNAMES.NTF templates to fix the desktop policy problems that that can happen to Release 6 and 7 clients.  

There are two versions, one for R8.0 and one for R8.0.1.

This is great news for me!  I will be rolling out the 8.0.1 release tonight on a client's pilot server.

By the way, I upgraded two production servers to R8.0.1 over the weekend and didn't get any support calls today.  Perhaps their phones are broken?  It was a nice gift.  

This is the first day since last Tuesday that I have not had a fever.  It didn't stop me from working, much to Linda's chagrin.

- Andy

1Chris Mobley  4/14/2008 4:06:02 PM  New PUBNAMES.NTFs released by Lotus to help with desktop policy issue

I heard about a large government agency that upgraded their production servers one night last week to 8.x. When users got in the next morning they all logged into their inboxes. The server proceeded to rebuild all the FTI's (all set to immediate update) of these old and very big mailboxes, bringing the server to a screeching halt (not really halting, but unacceptably unresponsive). The server failed over to its cluster mate and that server began to update its FTI's. It too bogged down. The agency was without email for over a day.

I am told that IBM consultants were involved. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the step of rebuilding the FTI's upon upgrade a well know step when doing a Domino upgrade?

2Andy Pedisich  4/14/2008 4:29:38 PM  New PUBNAMES.NTFs released by Lotus to help with desktop policy issue

Sometimes when there is no requirement to move to a new ODS, like with R8, people forget about that particular procedure.

If I were going to a new ODS, the steps would be to do a fixup, a compact and an updall, preferably all off-line. With some upgrades I have deliberately deleted all the FTIs.

But, so far, not with this upgrade. Last Saturday I paid no attention to FTI rebuilds or much else performance wise, because these are just a couple of servers with a relatively small number of users in a controlled domain.

The venerable R8 deployment Redbook only recommends doing maintenance on the address book off-line, and really doesn't speak to the databases maintenance part.

Coming up, I'll be involved in a larger domain with many thousands of users and lots and lots of servers running on AIX and WIntel. There will be plenty of stress testing, and a healthy pilot run to shake out the dust before loading up some of the big boxes with the new release.

It's foolhardy to go big without tests and pilots. Surprises are for birthdays, not engineers.

- Andy

3Joachim Haller  4/18/2008 6:25:55 AM  New PUBNAMES.NTFs released by Lotus to help with desktop policy issue

brilliant stuff - thanks for the link Andy. I have downloaded the template and will do presentation for my team next week.

Your man in Sweden