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New part of brain opening

Andy Pedisich  May 9 2009 06:01:49 PM
Yesterday my son, Isaac, gave me his copy of Java All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies.

I've programmed in a lot of languages, starting with Fortran way back in college.  I learned that by candlelight because there was no electricity back then.

I did Basic, Rexx, Perl, the database languages for dBase, RBase and Paradox.  I learned macro languages for spreadsheets and word processors.  Did a bunch of VAX procedures, some iSeries stuff, a bit of AIX/Linux, and plenty of CMD work too.  I do a lot of Lotusscript these days, but I have traditionally been intimidated by Java and JavaScript.

I just learned a lot more in 30 pages of this frigging book about Java and how it works than I learned from attending a dozen sessions by Java developers.  It really has my head going.  This guy really knows how to frame the info for someone who does both admin and dev, but mostly not dev.

It's a 900+ page book. What are the chances I will gain more valuable insights?

Heck, I might ever become a developer!


- Andy


1  5/10/2009 1:29:32 AM  New part of brain opening

Bruce Eckel's Java book is quite good to get you started on Java.

2Nick Wall  5/11/2009 4:47:04 AM  New part of brain opening

I found the "Head First Java" a really good intro to Java:

{ http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596004651/ }

...they've also got Head First EJB, etc.