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New compact options blogged about while I was away

Andy Pedisich  April 8 2010 02:35:23 PM
I've been off line since Monday night after some minor sinus surgery and would have missed it were it not for a phone conversation I just had with a friend and client, Sean Johnson.  He asked whether I had seen the new options for compact, which I hadn't.  Thank you, Sean.  This is a big deal for a geek like me.

The new compact options are apparently activated by the server parameter DEBUG_ENABLE_COMPACT_8_5=1.  This was not discovered by me, obviously.  And I just did a Google search and a Lotus Developer Works seach for it and couldn't find it there either.

The person who posted this yesterday is Jack Dawson.  His blog is called Leadership by Numbers and I've read him before.  His short post about compact is here.

I haven't tried it, other than to load up the debug parameter.  Please check Jack's blog page for the details.

Boy, you drop off for a day around here and stuff can skip right past you.  I need an RSS filter that knows what I think is important and interesting without me telling it what I think is important and interesting.

Thanks, Jack!

- Andy

1Debbie Lynd  4/8/2010 3:56:25 PM  New compact options blogged about while I was away

Hey Andy, Glad you are back online. Any pictures of the new nose yet? What the heck does this parameter do? Turn on debugging?

2Andy Pedisich  4/8/2010 4:33:26 PM  New compact options blogged about while I was away

Hey Deb!

The nose still looks as beautiful as ever. It's just a little bit swolen right now.

The doc said I might smell better, but I'm not sure he knows what I smelled like before the procedure.

The parameter enables more options for the compact command in 8.5. You really have to check out Jack's site. Then load the parameter on your test server and do a load compact -h to see the additional functions it enabled. You might want to do that command and get a list before you enable it to give you a correct comparison.

- Andy