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Looks like a workaround is possible for the desktop policy settings issue in R8

Andy Pedisich  March 14 2008 11:37:55 AM
A few weeks ago I posted the issue to the R8 forums about the problem with the desktop settings policy document where it was re-setting the replication interval and the configuration to use a local mail file.

Typical of me, I was focussed on determining the cause.  In the forums, a fellow named Glen Urban proposed a work around that had worked for him.   Then the same suggestion was made by a Europe based IBM/Lotus Support person who was working with me on the problem.

The suggestion... don't edit an existing desktop settings document that was created with the R7 address book design.  If you wish to change the configuration, create a new settings document using a clean R8 design,  Include all you old settings if you wish.

Preliminary testing in my lab indicates that this method creates a better desktop settings document which does not incorrectly reset values in the location documents and user preferences.

I am continuing to test and in intend on trying this approach in a production domain next week if all goes well.

- Andy
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