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I’ve emerged from the wilderness

Andy Pedisich  June 30 2008 11:00:00 AM
Five nights, six days, living in tents,  Hiking, fishing, meals cooked on a pair of Coleman stoves.  No electricity. No voicemail.  No news.  No email. We flew the Jolly Roger on the campsite.

Ricketts Glenn State Park was the place.

As one could expect, my perspective changed while I was there. I actually began to feel that I didn't need email anymore.  We'll see.  Maybe my requirements are shifting.

The night before we arrived, lightning hit a tree 100 feet from our campsite.  The falling tree missed 2 young campers in a tent.  The bolt welded their tent poles together and started their VW, and wrecked their car's computer.  4 other cars had to be towed because of computer problems.  They all had to be re-booted.

But the worst we had was just rain every night, which was fine.  We stayed dry.  Days were perfect

When I returned I noted that the web and world hadn't changed much, except George Carlin had died.  I had met him on a couple of occasions and seen him at a little club called the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA.  I was literally 5 feet away when he did his hippy dippy weatherman routine.

But the rest of the world had trundled along. Robert Mugabe faced mounting criticism Monday after beginning a new term as Zimbabwe's president, affecting many innocent peoples lives. He is a disgusting man.  

Obama and McCaine are still a tempest in a teapot.

At one point I realized I didn't need my watch.  I forgot what time it was.  I put my watch in my pocket and stopped looking at it.  I had no place that I had to be. I had no appointments, no meetings, no reason to know what time it was.  My mind was focussed on selecting the proper rod, reel and hook and bait. There was nothing else to do but absorb the sun and row to another location, where the sky was metamorphosing constantly, one moment more beautiful than the next.

We discovered important stuff in the woods.  Youngest son learned how to build a fire with no matches.  I observed a diamond back water snake up close and personal, yet in a benevolent cohabitant way. We learned that racoons like Tums.  I don't actually know if they like them, but they sure as heck opened the container that was left on the table overnight and ate them all.  And, while tadpoles may be small, baby catfish (dubbed "kittenfish" by my family of pirates) are just as tiny and just as cute.

We hiked a 3 mile trail of 23 waterfalls.  Some parts were so vertical you could only engage in in hyperventilating babysteps.  3 miles took 3 hours because of the angular challenges.

Now I am back.  Once the Boomtown Rats declared, "I don't like Mondays." I very much agree, especially after a nice vacation.

- Andy

1Karen  7/1/2008 4:14:22 PM  I’ve emerged from the wilderness

Sounds like we were pretty darn close to Heaven! Good for you.