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IBM posts new instructions for upgrading to R8 - and a scary R8 NAB rumor

Andy Pedisich  June 2 2008 09:52:12 AM
On May 22nd, IBM posted a new and quite different dance routine we need to do to upgrade from R7 to R8.  

I've done a couple of relatively small R8 upgrades and I am just starting a larger one.  I must say that this is a daunting piece of information.  

Having to do the ritualistic Fixup, Updall, and Compact -C before upgrading is a new one on me.  I have not found it to be necessary during any upgrade so far.  But my data is small relative to IBM.  Perhaps it's just cautionary wisdom.  It makes me wonder if other people involved in upgrades have found this to be necessary.

Another tidbit... removing parameters from the NOTES.INI

2. Because Domino 8 is scaled to handle more users concurrently, it is recommended that any stabilizing NOTES.INI parameters, such as the following, be removed or commented out of the NOTES.INI:



Personally, I'm leaving the old SERVER_SESSION_TIMEOUT=30 in the NOTES.INI.  And it's not just because of this KBase article from January 2008.  It's also because keeping the session timeout at 30 gives me a more accurate measure of the number of concurrent users on a server.  If they are not using the server for 30 minutes, I really do want them off of there.

IBM follows with some sage advice about not running a Domino 8 server on anything else but an R8 Address Book design.  Copy that!  And it's not just my engineering paranoia that drives them to say that.  There are things that the R8 server will be looking for in the address book that will be missing from the R7 design.  The result... sagging performance and crashes.

The rest of the article is fairly standard issue from my perspective.  It's stuff I generally do anyway during an upgrade.

By far the most disturbing thing I have heard a rumor of lately, aside from the two-headed turtle story, was from a contact who said that IBM told him that:

"Having a R8 Directory on a 6.5.4 server is not supported. Problems that can occur are corruption, data loss and performance issues."

This pretty much goes against the grain of everything that I know and do during an upgrade.  I will post this in a couple of other places to see what kind of noise I can get out of it.  Hopefully it's just from a support person with an incorrect interpretation of the situation.

- Andy


1Susan Bulloch  6/2/2008 4:07:38 PM  Its just a rumor - not true

The issue you quoted above was a misunderstanding of a technote. It is safe to have a Domino 8 Directory on a Domino 6.5.4 or Domino 7.0.x server. It is NOT safe to have a Domino 7 design directory on a Domino 8 server per this technote: { http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=0&uid=swg21304915 }