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Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar

Andy Pedisich  December 2 2010 12:51:49 PM
When I was a kid we used to have an Advent Calendar on the wall in the dining room this time of year.  This was a Christian calendar of the month of December where each day was represented by a little perforated paper door.  You opened the door to see what was the "present" for that day.  The calendar stopped on Christmas.  Usually the door for Christmas was significantly larger than the others because it exposed the classic manger scene.  Since I was the youngest, I had exclusive "open" rights to the Advent calendar.  

I've seen other non-religious calenders like this that had a Santa on the last date, or made use of your favorite cartoon characters.  Such is the progress of a basic medieval idea across a few centuries.

But now, the folks at the Boston Globe have put together and Advent type day-at-a-time calendar using pictures from the Hubble telescope.  Eventually there will be 25 pictures.  It's worth the visit to see these pictures.  Makes it seem like you are actually in outer space.


It also makes our little world seem rather small.  It's a humbling experience to see suns represented as tiny dots of light, and galaxies full of millions of star suns as small smudges against the blackness of space.


1Timothy Briley  12/2/2010 2:29:08 PM  Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar

Cool. I added it to my RSS feeds that I subscribe to with the 8.5.2 client.

2Bob Balaban  12/3/2010 4:06:55 AM  Hubble Telescope Advent Calendar

Thanks, real cool!