Head in a blender

How I got into Notes - just bullets with no narrative

Andy Pedisich  April 8 2008 05:57:39 PM
It's shorter and sweeter with bullets.
  • Stack boxes in a retail store
  • Insurance company claims adjuster
  • Radio station: commercial writer and producer
  • Advertising agency copywriter
  • Gas station/car wash attendant
  • Radio station: punk/new wave disc jockey
  • TV announcer
  • Exit from Media after 13 years
  • PC instructor (DOS 2.0)
  • Head of training
  • MS Certified instructor (Certified to train Windows for Workgroups, NT, SMS)
  • Consulting gig with OS2 - build test lab for pharma upgrading from Notes 2.1 to 3 to test apps
  • Stay with pharma, consulting every Notes upgrade from 3 to 6.
  • Speak for Lotus about Upgrades
  • Start Technotics
  • Speak for The View about Upgrades and every other Notes topic
  • Expand Technotics practice
  • Retire as billionaire
  • Purchase island paradise
  • Insert neural shunt for faster communication with new Ultranet.
  • Evolve to higher consciousness
  • Gas station/Car wash attendant


1Rob Axelrod  4/9/2008 11:44:03 AM  You forgot...

your short stint in CIA black ops in Cuba

2Victor Toal  4/16/2008 7:56:08 PM  How I got into Notes - just bullets with no narrative

hhhmm, higher conciousness? I am still struggling to encourage my kids to evolve past the level of dogs .. Dogs at least try something new when they figure out whatever they are currently attempting does not work ... kids will keep on until attempt 3965 .....

3Jim Stepanski  1/26/2009 4:19:12 PM  How I got into Notes - just bullets with no narrative

You also forgot all of your work with unwed mothers - helping them get their start