Head in a blender

Heading for Admin2008 in Boston

Andy Pedisich  April 28 2008 09:00:00 AM
I hope Admin2008 will prove to be as much fun as the other ones.  You'll be there, won't you?

Rob Axelrod, Chris Miller and I will be doing the entire ND8 Upgrade seminar in addition to 5 or 6 others.  I'm doing a Jumpstart on DDM Tuesday morning, which is why I am leaving today for Boston.

l will try to do some posts from the conference and let you know what's what.

- Andy


1Kevin Kanarski  4/28/2008 10:25:06 AM  Heading for Admin2008 in Boston

I'll be in your session first thing Wednesday morning and hitting most of the ND8 Upgrade sessions. Looks like a full week for you. Hope you don't get too wore out. See you in Boston.