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Got kids? Track the Space Station with Shuttle attached - plus, a new word

Andy Pedisich  June 9 2008 11:21:33 AM
If you have kids or you just like to act like one, there's rare opportunity happening overhead.  The shuttle is attached to the space station and you might be able to see them both.  

The Human Space Flight Tracking Center is a great place to find out when the pair will be overhead in your area.  You just indicate what city you're in and it can give you this week's sighting opportunities.

Last summer when the shuttle was attached the family watched the process of detachment over a couple of nights while we were in the woods camping.  When the shuttle was back on its own it trailed behind the space station by what was probably hundreds of miles.  The sky was super clear, of course.  

However, we watched a few nights ago from our backyard in Philly where there are a lot of city lights and the Space Station and Shuttle were still very bright and visible.

It's pretty amazing.  There are people up there!

The new word... if you're using the Notes Admin Client, just tell everyone it's the Dominator.

- Andy

1Ben Langhinrichs  6/9/2008 4:00:47 PM  Got kids? Track the Space Station with Shuttle attached - plus, a new word

I'm really glad you posted this. Oddly enough, we were out on the night of the 5th and saw it, but didn't know that is what it was. It didn't look like a plane, and my wife and son and I just stared as it went by. So, when you posted this, I went back to look, and sure enough, it was right at the time we should have been able to see it.

Thanks for sharing.