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From Lotus: When and what type of maintenance should be run on a Domino server?

Andy Pedisich  August 21 2008 12:57:19 PM
Ran into this little tidbit about server maintenance that should be of interest to any Domino administrator.  A lot of these one-liners have been published before, but it's nice to have this sort of a one-stop-shopping best practices statement.

New admins: take note.  

Older, grizzled administrators who show the scars from many years of system management:  I wonder if you agree with all of these these and actually do them as prescribed.

- Andy

When and what type of maintenance should be run on a Domino server?

Product: Lotus Domino  >  Lotus Domino Server  >  Version 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0
Platform(s): AIX, i5/OS, Linux, Linux iSeries, Linux zSeries, Solaris, Windows, z/OS
Doc Number: 1299683

Published   08/21/2008


What type of maintenance should a Domino® server administrator run on the server?


For additional information on the Domino utilities and their switches, refer to Technote #7006573.

This table lists the server maintenance tasks that you should complete daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure that a server runs efficiently.

Task Frequency
Back up the server Daily, weekly, monthly
Monitor mail routing Daily
Run Fixup to fix any corrupted databases At server startup and as needed
Monitor shared mail database (MAILOBJ.NSF) Daily
Monitor Administration Requests database (ADMIN4.NSF) Weekly
Monitor databases that need maintenance Weekly
Monitor replication Daily
Monitor modem communications Daily
Monitor memory Monthly
Monitor disk space Daily, weekly, monthly
Monitor server load Monthly
Monitor server performance Monthly
Monitor Web server requests Monthly
Monitor server first domino servers Daily

The following should be run on the server at lease once every three months:

nCompact -c -i
nUpdall -x
nFixup -(J if transaction logging is used)  (-f if transaction logging is not used used)
In addition, fragmentation should be checked on all of the drives and addressed if higher than 40%.


1Matt Cook  8/22/2008 2:05:35 PM  From Lotus: When and what type of maintenance should be run on a Domino server?

What in your experience is the best way to deal with disk fragmentation?

I have a few very large highly fragmented volumes where I would never have a large enough window to run a defrag on the volume.

Will doing a compact -C help defragment a volume? Would be great if there was a way to reduce the fragmentation but keep Domino running.

2Andy Pedisich  8/26/2008 11:13:32 AM  From Lotus: When and what type of maintenance should be run on a Domino server?

Compact helps optimize the NSF file by either elminating white space or moving it to the end of the file, depending on the optional parameters you use. It doesn't really do anything to help fragmentation on the physical disk.

I've found that the best way to handle fragmentation is with a utility that does the defragging transparently in the background rather than having to committ to an off-line, all night affair. We have a few in place that are keeping fragmentation to less than 10% and you'd never even know they were running.

- Andy