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First leg of Admin Boot Camp 09 completed

Andy Pedisich  October 31 2009 12:14:32 AM
Rob and I had a great time in Las Vegas with AdminBootCamp09.  Nice folks, all of you that attended.  Sometimes when attendees ask questions during the presentations we get a little bogged down, but you folks were asking for incredibly relevant information that was fast to provide, which positively added to the whole experience.

It's nuts how there is so much interest in the new 8.5.1 features.  Admins and even management attended to get a deeper look at what is going on with the most recent release.  I was especially pleased to see a couple of supervisor types there who were interested in getting a better understanding of that their technical folks wanted to do.  I think that's going to help grease the 8 upgrades, which have plenty of new features to bring into implementation.

Thanks, all of you, for joining us.  And thank you for the 100% approval rating too.  It made Rob and I feel that all our research, presentation writing, demo creation and all around hard work was absolutely worth the effort.  We're totally pumped to keep the information flow going at a breakneck pace through the rest of the tour.

The View's Lotus Notes/Domino Admin Smack-down continues in London Next week, November 4th.

Be there or be square.

(I can do both.)

- Andy
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