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Finding the best server - Part Deux

Andy Pedisich  February 22 2008 04:41:34 PM
My sincere thanks to all of you who commented on this issue of dealing with the weak pipe situation.  (That sounds like some type of disorder!)

I always feel like my job as an engineer is to bring choices to meet business requirements, and then very subtly do everything in my power to have the client do what I want.

I think the slickest way to do it is Kevin's way for a couple of reasons.  One, it takes the user out of the picture (Thank you Paul Mooney.)  Two, it is infallible.  And three, I don't have to do anything.  And we all know, I am basically lazy.  The only problem with Kevin's method is that it takes away failover if I shut down access from the network side.

Each suggestion has merit.  My task now is to write them all up, indicating the good parts, the seamy parts, and the expensive bits.  Then I will take it to the management at the client du jour and let them bash it around.

I'll let you know which one they pick.  One of you may win a new car!

By the way, those two statements in the previous sentence are totally unrelated.  I just wanted to pretend I was Microsoft Marketing for a second.

- Andy

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