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Copenhagen Notes R8 Upgrade Tour - DDM again rarely used

Andy Pedisich  March 31 2008 05:01:37 PM
I should be sleeping, or at least starting to thing about sleep since it is around 11.  Although with the time difference between here and Philadelphia it's actually only 5:pm, so perhaps I should still be working.

I admire the attendees here because they are keeping up with the rapid fire speaking styles of Chris Miller and I, but just barely.  We are slowing it down tomorrow.  Every person in the room knows 2 more languages than either of us.

Domino Domain Monitoring, however, seems to have caught on here like mayonnaise on burgers.  It's not happening.  At least that was before I showed the basics of what it does, especially in R8.  It's a shame, because it is such a useful tool for dealing with Notes issues even without the probes.

I'm doing a 3 hour Jumpstart at Admin 2008 on DDM from top to bottom.  I hope anyone who is attending Admin 2008 will consider coming if they are light on DDM.  It might help you get on board.

Tomorrow is the second day of the 3 day conference.  We set Chris loose, actually unlocking the tungsten steel chains that have hitherto held him back from presenting.  Please no flash pictures or he'll regale the attendees with social network evangelism.  Not a bad thing.  They just need to have stronger passwords.

- Andy

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