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Presentation and support materials from our sessions at IBM Connect 2014

Andy Pedisich   January 30 2014 02:11:27 PM
Here are some downloads for you from IBM's Connect 2014.

SHOW100.PPT is Rob Axelrod's presentation "AD + SAML + Kerberos + IBM Notes and Domino = SSO!"
JMP402.PPTX is Andy Pedisich's presentation "Master Class: Reaping Rewards and Avoiding Risks - The Secrets of Consolidating Domains"

More supporting material from Andy's session will be added over the next couple of days.  That will include a staging address book, a backout address book, and a bunch of agents from Andy's session.
I've added the staging address book.  That has the goods as far as agents go.

02:11:27 PM January 30 2014