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Birds of a Feather on Jobs at Admin2010

Andy Pedisich  April 27 2010 10:22:50 AM
Every year I've spoken at The View conferences I always volunteer for extracurricular activities such as Ask the Experts and Birds of a Feather.

A few years ago, had to be 2003, I was doing a two part session on active directory synchronization with Lotus Notes and there was some sort of incident with the time markers where the room monitor flashed a card saying that I had 15 minutes to go before I hit the Q&A segment.  I panicked, since I had a ton of slides to go, and sped through them, only to get another 15 minute sign 15 minutes later. I was so relieved and it was my last session of the day, so I hit the bar at the Sheraton Boston kind of heavy.  Had some laughs with some of the other speakers, and downed my favorite Mexican drink, made from a cactus kind of a plant.  And what seemed like suddenly, one of the Viewsters approached me and asked if I was ready to do the Ask the Experts session.

Ask the Experts is where all the folks at the conference get some pretty much one-on-one conversations with the people who are speaking.  I actually like it because we get to work with real life issues and mostly unique and unusual situations.

Realizing that I was stunned, the Viewster folks (peeps who work for The View) told me not to worry, and guided me over to the table where I was to be stationed.  Following that, other Viewsters, wanting to make sure I was OK, asked if I needed a libation or a appetizer, both of which I thought needed.

Long story short, I'm glad I didn't need to drive anywhere.  And since then I always refer to that part of the conference as "Ask the Drunken Experts."

I'll be doing just that this year!

Wednesday at the Admin 2010 conference, I'll be stationed at just such a table in the showcase on Wednesday May 12th from 6 PM to 7 PM doing "Ask the Experts".  Out of respect for the attendees and my own self-respect, I will be careful about my intake.  But I do get very excitable in those situations where there are problems to be solved.  I just can't help myself.

I will also be hosting a Birds of a Feather (BOF) along with Rob Axelrod from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm on Thursday the 13th called "Implementing policies in your Lotus Notes and Domino environment."  Both Rob and I have a lot of experience in this area, but we're really interested in hearing stories from the trenches from the other admins.  Sure, we'll throw in some occasional gems from the way we did things right and sometimes wrong with policies.

I just found out today that I will also be in on a BOF hosted by our bud Debbie Lynd all about the Lotus Notes/Domino Job Networking center.  I think this one's 1:00 PM to 1:45 on Wednesday.  Here's the abstract:

Looking for a job?  Have a job? Come to this special session to network with people looking for a job and others who have jobs that need to be filled. Get tips for successfully searching the Lotus job market as well as advice to weather a job drought. Hear directly from your peers about how they have found jobs in the Lotus community.

Good, 'eh?  As a community, we need a big fat resource for job hunters and those that seek professional Lotus Notes help, be it Admin or Dev.  Can't wait to hear what people have to share.

Hope to see you at Admin 2010!  Drop by the table or our Technotics booth and ask us a show stopper.

- Andy


1jose zaldivar  4/27/2010 11:25:22 PM  Birds of a Feather on Jobs at Admin2010

see you there! love to see how fast you can answer questions after a few shots!

2Keith Brooks  4/28/2010 10:06:51 AM  Birds of a Feather on Jobs at Admin2010

See you there Andy. I am also on the panel and will get tot he job center BoF as I have some needs coming up. Admin, of course.