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Barcelona, Weezer, and Directory Catalogs

Andy Pedisich  September 29 2008 11:40:05 AM
I'm having a soft landing after a weekend of mixed fun and stuff.

Friday:  US Presidential Candidate debate
The Obama/Mc Cain debate was fun to watch, but a little too much like the SNL version.  Although I have to say, the Katie Couric/Palin SNL interview was pretty interesting too.  Phone a friend, indeed.

Saturday: Cleaned the office. No more dust bunnies

Saturday night: Weezer, Angels and Airwaves, and the Tokyo Police Club live.
Fun show, although a bit more of a beer drinking, sing along show than I usually go to.  Not much sing along with King Crimson or Nine Inch Nails.  Good show none-the-less.

Sunday: Vicky Christina Barcelona
This is an extremely well written, well directed Woody Allen flick that I enjoyed on sooo many levels.  Took in a 1:30 PM afternoon because it was raining and crappy in Philly.

Sunday Night: Integrated Extended Directory Catalog validation
Rats.  This doesn't do what I needed it to do, nor does it work as described in Admin Help.  Regular Extended Directory works fine though.  Perhaps I will have more detail on this later.

Back to work.  The whole week is waiting.

- Andy

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