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Andy’s High School Reunion

Andy Pedisich  April 18 2008 08:48:38 AM
I'm bringing up a new Notes domain that spans a couple of countries with a couple of thousand users.  They're all moving from Exchange and other disparate mail systems into Notes.  It's a wonderful "green field" exercise, and I am building a lot of tools to help them manage it.

It's perfect Notes stuff.  Collaborating with people in a time zone that 7 hours different is a piece of cake for Notes/Domino.  Having meetings with them is a different story.  Either I'm getting up early or they're staying up late.  I have clocks on a shelf in the office to tell me what time it is in California, Chicago, the UK and Switzerland for quick reference.  If someone had told me 20 years ago that this would be happening to me now I would never have believed them.

But let's step back longer than that, because that's where I am headed today.  Lovely wife and I are headed to Patchogue, NY on Long Island for my Seton Hall High School reunion.  There will be around 40 people there from my graduating class of around 250 people.

I have already sent emails to everyone indicating that I will be sending a stunt double to the affair who looks a lot older than I do in real life.  My guess is that everyone else will be doing the same.

- Andy

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