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Admin/Dev 2012 - just finished a jumpstart

Andy Pedisich  April 15 2012 09:46:12 PM
It's almost time once again for this year's Admin Smackdown.  It's in Washinton D.C., MAY 16-18.  Come on May 15th to the jumpstart day and you'll be able to attend my session on "Best practices for successful IT project management", which I just sent in to the presentation editors at The View.

Unlike some conferences, The View has very strict guidelines for presentations.  Our work is reviewed for content and has to meet certain criteria.  For example, the presentation needs to stand up on it's own, so you can take it back to your enterprise and share it with people who may never hear me speak about it.

That's pretty heavy.  I've been speaking on technical topics since 1985, and they are the most demanding of anyone I have ever presented for.  That makes it harder for the presenters, but better for you, since you are assured of great content.

The session I just sent in is a JumpStart, which is about 3 hours long. I'll be sharing a lot of techniques that I've picked up over the many years I've been running technical projects.  There are some pieces of info that are just classic project management stuff, but also some insights into what makes turns a good project into a great project.  I'll run the gamut, starting with how to pick a project that is appropriate for your limited resources, and then making a list of projects and deciding which ones would be the best to make users happier.

I have 3 more sessions to write.

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