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Adding location info to the content in the 8.0.1 blog

Andy Pedisich  February 24 2008 08:25:16 PM
There are many fields available in the Notes side of the Domino 8.0.1 blog template that don't make it to the web.  Some I consider to be more relevant than others, and the ability to add a location to the entry I find intriguing.  I like to know the time and place someone was when they made their entry.

Now, I'm not a developer, but I do play one on TV.   It a real challenge to determine where in the architecture of the Domino Blog I could place the location.  I tried to add to several locations within the HTML Template blocks and in the default Document template, but they were all wrong places.  All they did was screw up the About and Contact pages.

Then I finally stumbled on it.  Dumb luck, that's all it was.  The key is in the Item Template.  You can add your location after the content of each entry.  Probably you can add it in other places, but that's where I chose to put t.

Image:Adding location info to the content in the 8.0.1 blog

I am going to re-build a web page with a summary of the changed I made to this blog.  It will be listed under "Pimp this Blog".

- Andy


1Chris Pepin  2/25/2008 12:31:51 PM  Adding location info to the content in the 8.0.1 blog

Works great. Thanks Andy. I just applied this change to my blog