Head in a blender

About me

Andrew M Pedisich   August 26 2007 09:10:41 PM
I enjoy people with a sense of humor, long walks in the park, music, and, darn it,  people who get along with other people.

I've been all over the place and had a bunch of jobs, but working technology is my favorite occupation.  I actually have fun doing it.  I think that's one of the measures of a great career.

My hometown these days is the little town of Narberth, PA., just outside of Philadelphia.

3 kids, one wife, 2 cats, one motorcycle, and a rowboat

 Usually chipper, especially in summertime.

Favorite food: sushi

Favorite shoe size:
8 1/2

Favorite moment in time:
 Right now.  No No... right NOW!

Favorite movie:
Blade Runner

Favorite Bands:
NIN and The Cure

The things I say and do on the site reflect what years of sticking my head into machines will do to you.  

09:10:41 PM August 26 2007