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    A nice way to start a Monday

    Andrew M Pedisich  October 22 2007 08:57:30 AM
    You may have heard about the Comcast high speed internet service doing something fishy that affected Notes users trying to send attachments over 2 GB.  Notes would sputter and cough, and then after a few minutes you'd get a "server not responding" error. I mentioned it myself a few weeks back and opened a ticket with Comcast on October 2nd.

    Notes users weren't the only ones affected, but that's obviously the section of the population I have the most interest in.

    Well,. this morning I successfully sent attachments of 3 MB, 7 MB, and 29 MB using my Comcast connection.  Some facts for the curious:

    • I'm in the Philadelphia region of Comcast
    • I'm using Notes release 8 on a laptop and desktop that previously failed sending attachments over 2 MB.
    • I'm using a direct connection to my server somewhere in Colorado, not passthru or a VPN
    I've heard reports from other sources saying that sometimes they could send attachments and sometimes they couldn't.  I'll let you know if the success continues.

     - Andy

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