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A cluster riddle

Andy Pedisich  April 12 2010 08:15:11 PM
First of all, the best part about getting nose surgery was that Linda and I discovered a great lunch cart on 10th and Chestnut just outside of Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia that makes the absolute best grilled sweet Italian sausage hoagie with grilled peppers and onions.  SO so good, we brought one home for dinner.  And we shared it.  Yum.

Yes folks, such is the racy, fast paced, extraordinary life in the fast lane of consulting in one of the US of A's most exciting major metropolitan cities!  Quit your real job and be a consultant today!

And I'll even throw in a couple extra of these things.... !!!  Bam! !!!

Here's the scenario.  Two clustered servers.  Identical.  Or are they?  They have the exact same replicas, and yet one has lots more disk space available.

Good guess, but no, it's not because of view indexes.  We're talking one server has 180 GB free and the other has 40 GB free.  Both have DAOS enabled.  Ready?

The answer is that someone forgot to enable DAOS for most of the ODS51 applications on the server with only 40 GB free.  So if you want a real life comparison of what it's like to run a server with or without DAOS, there it is.  Space saved!  Blammo.  Have a couple more of these... !!!!

Hmmm.... maybe the nose job did improve my sense of smell.  Did my neighbor get a cat?

- Andy


1Keith Taylor  4/13/2010 9:56:52 AM  A cluster riddle

Andy, I'm a Drexel Grad. living in NE. Hire me so I can move my family home to the city of brotherly shove. I can't get Tastycakes up here and Geno's steaks don't travel well.

2Andy Pedisich  4/13/2010 10:35:02 AM  A cluster riddle

Send me your resume. I'm always interested in finding good problem solvers who know how to get stuff done.

And, no. Cheesesteaks don't dupicate well outside of Philadelphia. Even within Philly there is much variance.

- Andy