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Here’s a great explanation of Social Business

Andy Pedisich  January 8 2012 07:48:48 PM
I found this because of a post on Bruce Elgort's blog.  It's one of a series of videos posted on YouTube by IBM.  Thanks Bruce!

This particular one features IBM's Irene Greif, who is the Director of the IBM Research Center for Social Business.  I found her description of a Social Business to be most enlightening.  Perhaps you will too.

I replayed it several times, because Irene packs a lot of concept into each sentence.  Her comparison of social business to the old chat around the water cooler is dead on.  As are her comments that businesses have to allow people disconnected geographically to be social, and that it's not a waste of time.  It's a corporate cultural acceptance issue.

My favorite word from the interview: Stove-piped.  She says it around 8 minutes into the interview.

"...technologies will be put to use make work and collaboration more fulfilling and inclusive as opposed to divisive and stove-piped."

It's a great interview, IMHO.

Send a link to your boss.

What's that?  You can't access the YouTube site at work?  Send yourself a link to one of your private email accounts and watch it at home!


1Bruce Elgort  1/8/2012 8:24:08 PM  You are

You are welcome Andy. I found Irene's explanation very compelling. I also can't remember where and when I have spoken with her. Thanks for sharing. See you in a few days.