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Amsterdam is on the horizon

Andrew M Pedisich  October 23 2008 02:29:07 PM

In less than two weeks, I will be heading to Amsterdam for The View's Admin/Developer 2008 Europe conference.  Rob Axelrod, Chris Miller and I will be reprising our performances from the Notes/Domino R8 Upgrade Seminar, doing all three days of presentations as part of the conference.


Of course, that won't stop us from doing a lot of other sessions, plus other things like Birds of a Feather and Ask the Experts, which Susan Bulloch often refers to a "Stump the Chumps".

Stump the Chumps is a challenging little effort where attendees get to bring us their complicated questions about Notes and Domino.  Sometimes the attendees augment their questions with visual aids, which generally consist of a network infrastructure diagram hastily scribbled on a cocktail napkin. 

Chris Miller loves to tell the story of an administrator at a Europe conference from a couple of years ago who unfolded a rather large napkin and explained, "This is [another country's] domain. This is us.  We don't like them.  We don't trust them. We want to CUT THEM OFF.... CUT THEM OFF..."  and with each cut, he frantically stroked lines across the server's connections until the pencil tore the napkin.

I am more prone to calling it "Ask the Drunken Experts", as we are usually plied with various types of alcohol to help us maintain our concentration.

Last year Rob and I did a Birds of a Feather session, where the first question asked by the attendees was, "What does this mean, Birds of a Feather?"  Rob patiently explained that it was an English/US proverb which loosly translated into "people with like interests associate with each other."  "Ahhhhh!" said the group in collective approval. You just can't take those language differences for granted.

This year there are a bunch of returning speakers like Paul Mooney, Bill Buchan, John Kidd, Susan Bulloch Jamie Magee, Lance Spellman and Julian Robichaux.  

I'm pretty sure that Julian is an Amsterdam Virgin.  Maybe Jamie is too. That probably won't last long.

I'm sure there will be lots of blogging going on, both by attendees and presenters.  And I am equally sure that there is plenty that will happen that should never EVER be blogged.

After all, this is Amsterdam we're talking about.

- Andy


1Rob Axelrod  11/5/2008 4:43:00 PM  Can’t wait!

Warm them up for me! No sneaking off to the Argentine steak place for ribs without me this week.

Have a safe trip.