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Andrew M Pedisich   August 23 2007 03:45:00 AM
I'm finally on the air with this blog after a summer of relaxing followed by a period of hard work.  My decision to blog was not an easy one, since relevance and content are difficult to keep up with, as any blogger would tell you... if they had a spare moment.

The hard work part was preparing presentations for The View's Notes/Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar   I know, it doesn't start until October, but we really have to get everything ready early.

The "we" parts are my old friend and business partner Rob Axelrod and my relatively new friend, Chris Miller.  He's newer because we just got to know each other when we did The View's ND6 Upgrade Seminar a few years ago.   Both are fun to hang out with and very unpredictable.

I've tried to list the blogs of Chris of Connectria and another tour budski, Susan Bulloch of IBM, but the "Auto create links from link list" feature doesn't seem to be happening.

I am using the out-of-the-box Domino blog template that comes with Release 8.  It's quirky, but it's fun to ramp up out-of the-box like this.  The only thing I am wondering is, why doesn't the in-line spell checker work with the rich text field in this here Blog?  I've heard it said that you should "eat your own dog food", which is why I'm using it, but I'm really a cat guy, and I would never eat my cat's food.  Yuck.

As of last week, Release 8 Gold was released, and I am very encouraged by what I am working with.  I lived through a period where I didn't think that IBM was going to perpetuate Notes and they seem to be quite ferocious about it now.   That's great, since many of us in this small world of 130 some odd million Notes users are pretty hooked into the Notes/Domino thing.  There are other waves I am picking up as well.

Out on the streets I was engaged on a project to migrate a mail system from Lotus Notes to Exchange, and to establish coexistence between the two worlds. They still had a ton of Notes apps out there that weren't going away anytime soon.   As a part of the collateral effect of the engagement, I was introduced to Sharepoint, of which I became instantly enamored.  Then Ray Ozzie's flair became evident, and I got that sweaty, weird back-of-the-neck hair-raising feeling that clouds were going to ruin my day at the beach.

But I looked past the front end to the back end, and realized that there were structures on the back end of Sharepoint that were misunderstood by the VPs and CIOs that were buying into it, and that it needed architecture and guidance.  Without it, after 18 or 24 months it would flounder in a state of disorganization.  It didn't seem like MS was willing to give that human guidance that is needed past the toolbox of wrenches and nails.

Then came Connections and Quickr.  They have many of the same issues in that they both also require top-down big picture organization to really make them cook.  But they both fit so well into both Notes and the MS world that so many enterprises deploy.  And in so many respects they are much better than Sharepoint in their execution.  It's hard for me to enumerate the differences.  It's just an opinion.  Perhaps it's just a "feel" thing.  

But hey, I'm new at this, and it will take me a bit to get my sea legs.  Stay with me.  I'll do my best to keep it interesting.  


03:45:00 AM August 23 2007