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Building a more flexible monitoring system and new words to use

Andrew M Pedisich  February 26 2008 11:00:17 AM

 Later today I will be finishing up building a monitoring system.  I build these things special order all the time it seems. 

This one is going to be used to monitor a mail archiving system.  Each mail server forwards mail to the archiving solution.  But if the main message store database is down, mail starts to pile up. 

My little app has profile documents for each server, and you have the ability to disable a profile doc if you have the server down for maintenance.  The code will check each mail server and determine if the pending mail is larger than the threshold.  If it is, it will note it on the dashboard and send mail to the appropriate victims who maintain the archive solution.

It's so simple.  It's basically a troglodyte Lotusscript app with very little brain.  If we were monitoring mail.boxes I'd just have Domino do it for us.  But these are files with a naming specific to the archiving system.

What's that you say?  Why am I not using the monitoring solution that came with the archiving package?

Because it doesn't have oneThere is no fricking monitoring system built into the package.  Stupid, isn't it?  I don't know how vendors get away with this stuff.

Meanwhile, here are two new words that have evolved but aren't in the dictionaries quite yet:

Hourglassing - That's when you are waiting for a computer to process something and that hourglass is spinning on your screen.

"Cripes, I was hourglassing for like ten minutes waiting for the index to be built!"

Dragon Drop - That's what some users are calling the ability to select an object and place it some other location.

Support call: "I'd like to Dragon Drop a file into the trash but my computer won't let me."

Indeed.  It won't let you for a good reason.  It doesn't think you're bright enough to handle the task. 

Sometimes I think you should have to have some sort of licence where you have to pass an exam before you can use a computer.  It sure would speed things up a bit in our geek universe.

- Andy


1Rupert Clayton  4/9/2008 1:39:44 AM  Building a more flexible monitoring system and new words to use

Pleasant But Ditzy Senior Exec With Upgrade Issue: No, it's not doing anything now.

Me: So what exactly is on the screen?

PBDSEWUI: Just the salt cellar.

Me: The salt seller? I don't understand.

PBDSEWUI: Yes, the salt cellar. You know. It's moving about a bit.

[5 minutes of fruitless conversation later.]

Me: Oh! Most people call that an egg timer or an hour glass.