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8.0.1 up and running in production

Andrew M Pedisich  February 21 2008 12:33:10 PM

Last night I upgraded our small environment to Notes/Domino 8.0.1.   It went smoothly!

It was surprisingly quick to download, in spite of the fact that there must have been tons hitting the download button concurrently

The login interface for DWA has changed, becoming more compressed.  It's really easy to flip from full to lite mode.  Brilliant job making it so easy.  

My kudos to everyone on the Notes/Domino team on the whole process!  (Those kudos and a fiver will get you a Latte.)

The stock blog template has changed, and as you know, this blog works from the stock template that comes with Domino.  Last night the Design task ran and took the blog to the new design, however you won't see any of those obvious changes until tomorrow when I start using the code in the new template.  I've still got the old stuff in there.

Now that we have gold up and running, I can finally get to work on updating my presentations for The View's ND8 Upgrade Tour  and Admin 2008 Conference.

- Andy

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