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Ode to Planet Lotus

Andrew M Pedisich  January 27 2010 03:05:08 PM
Ode to Planet Lotus

Oh ye gatherer of geek thoughts,
Ye olde summarizer of ethereal ebb and flow
About Notes, about hopes, about dreams.

We missed the comforting warmth of your blue
And the starkness of your white against
Feeds most magnificent, marked with points of lapis lazuli,
Half crescents of creamy white, teasing of topics
That may be important and then again not.
And pleasing empty cerulean circumferences
For topics dubious or ambiguous.

Oh ye collector of our collective minds,
It took your near death to make us aware
Of how frequently we are pilgrims to your cache,
Visitors to your stream of cerebral cortex
Emanating from the yellow bubble.

Oh ye virtual planet,
sprung from Yancy's loins,
Exercise, eat well, Cut back on fried foods.

Be our shimmering bacon.
(Make that beacon. Actually bacon is good too.)
As we move our weary old fingers, cautiously blogging,
Checking back every so often with you,
To be sure we've all survived
Our time On this rock,
This third stone from the sun.
Our perch, our gable, our yellow universe.


1Mike Kinder  1/27/2010 4:25:21 PM  Ode to Planet Lotus

A side of Andy I was not aware of, poet. Interesting, I did a quick comparison and noticed the leaning of Thomas Gray. Very eloquent.

I take it PlanetLotus had some issues today.

Mike K

2John Voigts  1/27/2010 4:41:02 PM  Ode to Planet Lotus

LOL - nicely done!